Frequently Asked Questions

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How does it work?

It’s easy! When you pay the base price, you can view the entire movie via streaming by accessing the site. You can watch it several times, at different times. There is currently no limit to the number of times you can stream it (subject to some restrictions, e.g. you can’t share your account), and no expiration date. After the check-out process, you can “add-on” extra features, such as the ability to download the movie file to your computer, download the soundtrack mp3’s, or view extra content such as the full “Making Of” featurette, the Blooper Reel and Casting Videos. Once payment is complete, you’ll see all the extras stuff on your screen below the movie.

Will my movie expire?

You can watch it right away, or later, there is no expiration date on your account at this time.

Will it work on my mobile device?

Yes! Our viewer is compatible with iPhones, iPads, and Android phones. It works with Flash and HTML5. All you have to do is browse to the movie website and pay or login as you would on a desktop. If you're having trouble, you can also select the download option and sync the file to your device.

Can I post the movie on YouTube or BitTorrent?

Please don’t! This was an independent production. Without the support of viewers like you, we would not be able to continue making great art.

My movie keeps skipping, what do I do?

Your streaming experience will depend on your Internet connection. If you are having trouble, try turning off “HD” or adding the file download to your order.


Can I share the movie?

Your account is limited to a certain number of IP addresses from which you can log in. If you want to show the movie to your parents or your friends, why not buy them the DVD? It comes in a nice package (Jorge designed it himself) and has fun extra features in it.

What are you going to do with my e-mail?

Please read our privacy policy contained in our Terms of Use. Unless you instruct us to add you to our mailing list, we only keep your email so you can log in again in the future. We do not keep any of your billing or personal information and we will not sell or transfer your email to anyone.

Is payment on your site secure?

Payment on our website is handled by Your credit card information is encrypted by them over a secure connection before it's sent to us. You can also choose to check out using Paypal, which also accepts major credit cards (it's just a slightly longer process).

What is this charity I keep hearing about?

Piled Higher and Deeper supports Endeavor College Prep, a registered 501(c) non-profit charter school aimed at helping middle school children from disadvantaged neighborhoods in East Los Angeles set their sights on getting a college education. 5% of your purchase will be applied to supplement the school’s budget to buy books, computers and supplies. If you’d like to donate an additional $5, please check the appropriate box during the check-out process. To learn more about Endeavor College Prep and how you can help even more, please visit the website at

The website is telling me I can’t stream or download the movie anymore, what do I do?

To prevent people from abusing the system, we set up limits on the number of IP addresses from which you can log in with one account and limits on the number of downloads and streaming views. We try to make these limits reasonable, but if you need more, you can contact us and we’ll reset them for you.

Will the movie work on my iPhone/iPad/mobile device?

It should work on your iPhone and iPad, yes! It should also work on any TV device that lets you surf to the website and log in. We can’t guarantee that it will work on every mobile device (but we’re trying!). If you are worried, add the download option to your order and you can transfer the movie file to your mobile device.

I have another question, what do I do?

Just use this form to contact us, we look forward to hearing from you!